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Cheap, Discount hotel reservation, room booking, in Tokyo, Gotanda, Shinagawa from Yen 3,500/night

This is a Japanese capsule hotel / budget hotel. We provide tourists and backpackers with discount accommodation.

Reservation^Capsule Hotel Central Inn Gotanda in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo ,Japan

Hotel Reservation

Please call us for a same-day reservation • Cash payment,
which is available only by phone.


Notes on use

  • Reservation for stay is available from two weeks prior to the date of stay. ( check-out date should be within two weeks from today ).
  • Check-in  16F00 ` 0F00
  • Cancellation is until 23:00 the day before check-in day. Please cancel at Agoda management screen.
  • Capsule room is available only for male guests.
    We provide single room for female guests instead.
  • A person under age 20 can not stay alone.
    Be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please contact us for other needs.

    Central Inn Gotanda  in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

    – 03 - 3447 - 5255 ( domestic call )
    – 81 - 3 - 3447 - 5255 ( international call )

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